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I believe we play a main role in creating our reality. Recently I created the intention to find a four leaf clover. Imagine my surprise my one of my children brought me to a patch of clovers, after I initially resisted trying to wrangle them back to the car so we could go. I have learned to let myself be drawn to non-habitual events and to pay attention to opportunities such as this one. Shortly after checking out the clover flowers, a four leaf clover jumped out at me. We were super excited!

Imagine my surprise when just a few minutes ago, 24 hours after I found the first one,  after a few minutes of meditation in my garden, walking over to my angel face rose where ANOTHER four leaf clover found me, located at the base of the rose. Life never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for the confirmation that intentions drive your experience. I love being in the driver’s seat. I look forward to even more creations.


A Vision Story: The Compliment to a Vision Board


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Most of you have likely heard of a vision board. A place where you gather pictures of what you’d like to bring into your life. The idea is that when you focus on the images, you tune into the emotion you feel from living with the presence of those items (possessions, or states of being like happiness, health, fulfillment) in your life, you will be drawn to the circumstances in which to manifest those feelings. While attending a mastermind class I composed a vision story based on the direction of our leader. I enjoy writing, so I took great pleasure describing my ideal life. I filled it full with emotion and details that made my heart sing. Our class leader insisted that you write the document as if it already took place and fill it with gratitude for all of your happiness.

I felt the best way for me to express my life vision was in the form of a very detailed gratitude journal entry. I use a gratitude journal as often as possible. In my every day life I start off by writing, “Awesome things about today…”. I typically list from three to five events that filled my heart with happiness. In my vision story, I went into way more detail in order to outline every aspect of my life that I envisioned changing. I wrote it two years ago. It’s very interesting to see how much of it, regarding my family life and self-discovery journal already occurred or is in the process of developing. I specified winning the lottery because I’ve always felt I would. Though the experts in the manifesting world advise not limiting yourself to a specific avenue for abundance to manifest. I am now open to any path the universe creates to create abundance and realize the lottery can be a metaphor for achieving abundance. For example, my husband had an amazing career opportunity in the last year, for which we are grateful.

Though I still am drawn to lotteries and games of chance and find the thought of winning thrilling, and exciting. I still believe I’ve already won. With the biggest mega millions jackpot, half a billion dollars, up for grabs this Friday, it inspires me to allow myself to open up to accepting the prize. Although, I am honestly thrilled for whoever does cash the check for this thrilling jackpot. I’ve come to believe we are all connected in some way. So when one person wins, we all win. I also know I am not limited to this prize or any other game to create my ideal life. There are infinite ways for abundance to flow. I know my higher self creates the situations that will serve it best. Everyone’s higher self has different purposes and creates the experiences it needs to evolve and grow. I am excited for this particular jackpot to be won though. I know the universe will deliver it to the perfect person at the perfect time. So congratulations to that person in advance whether it’s me or some one else! You deserve it! I hope you find the abundance thrilling and utilize it as best as you see fit. Enjoy the ride and listen to your heart. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it can bring security, freedom to have fun and a tool to help others. Enjoy!

I am sharing my vision story below as an example to those who might need some inspiration. There’s also a download link available in Windows Word format for those who’d like to start crafting their own version using my story as a template. Turtles speak to my soul. So I inserted images of them on my paper, and took great care with other details like heart hole punches and using special ribbon to bind it. Modify it to whatever things speak to your soul. It is a reflection of you, and only you know what resonates. Keep an open mind to anything you’d like to feel and occur in your life. Know in your heart, ANYTHING is possible, no matter how different it is from your current situation.

My Vision Story

An Excerpt From My Gratitude Journal

I am so grateful for the well-being, happiness and love that surround me, my family and loved ones.  My husband, my children, and I are allowing all the well-being and love we need to be happy and keep our bodies healthy.  This is something we each cherish as we know every day is most pleasurable with our bodies functioning at full capacity.  Through the love we all nurture, we encourage each other to have fun, and treat everyone with the respect, and kindness each person deserves both in our family and the world.  I am also grateful for all the well-being that is available for our loved ones and visualize each of them in a loving, happy place.

I am so grateful for my spiritual awakening and journey of self-discovery.  I honor and cherish each day that I am able to discover and develop every one of my talents.  I love opening my third-eye, feeling the clarity that it brings and learning to recognize all that it has to show me through life around me.  This journey has made me feel so confident, and powerful.  It has helped me foster a loving, organized and harmonious life at home.  I am so excited to have found ways to embrace all of my power and enjoy sharing it with those around me.  I love my fulfillment that comes from this journey.

I am so grateful for the exciting experience of winning the jackpot.  I always knew I would win the lottery since before I could legally play.  I have always loved the thrill of playing games like the lottery, and slot machines, feeling the fun flow through me followed by money.  I am so grateful my jackpot happened when I was ready and willing to accept the perfect amount of financial abundance.  The air had been charged with excitement since I believed it could happen.  I’ll never forget the thrill of it all happening from the moment of looking down at my ticket and seeing every single number match the ones on my computer screen, to the flurry of phone calls and dances of joy that ensued, followed by the satisfaction of attracting honest, intelligent and caring people that helped us create a happy recipe for our financial freedom that had the perfect ingredients of savings, investments, pleasures, real estate, and worthy causes, and then to watching dollars flowing effortlessly into our bank account and easily being exchanged for comfort and pleasure.  This experience has been blissful and easy.  I am eternally grateful for the fun, security and knowledge that we live as comfortably as we choose and enjoy sharing it with our loved ones.

I feel so blessed to have these wonderful feelings of security, freedom and comfort that flowed from my financial abundance into my lifestyle.  It is a pleasure driving my children in our new hybrid vehicle to their school that fosters self-discovery and the joy of learning.  I am so grateful my husband may now devote his time to everything he enjoys like his pleasure of renewable and sustainable living projects.

I am so grateful for this wonderful house I call home.  I love waking up in the morning, grabbing my cup of coffee from our morning bar and stepping out the sliding doors from our bedroom onto the patio and gaining refreshment for my mind and body in our pool and hot tub while taking in the amazing view of our majestic, private backyard.  I love how our property is full of life and things I cherish like abundant trees, flower and vegetable gardens, special places for my children and dog, to romp, and areas I love to enjoy with the company of family and friends while cooking in our outdoor kitchen, and eating and relaxing by the fire pit.  I am so grateful for the sounds of birds in our trees announcing the joy of another day as I enjoy life.

I love that our home has places to do and organize all the things that I love as well as for my family.  I am so grateful to have beautiful bedrooms for everyone in our family and our visitors so everyone has their own personal retreat when they are in our home.  I love having a game room where we can fulfill our light-hearted spirits with pool, pinball, and cards and serve our homebrew.  Our creative room also welcomes anyone wanting a place dedicated to play, study, and create.  I am so grateful to be able to nourish family and friends in my amazing kitchen that has plenty of storage, counter space, double dishwashers and a wonderful location central in our home that allows space for everyone to gather and converse in it or around it in the family room.  I also love entertaining our family and friends in the spacious dining room, living room, and outdoor spaces.  I feel so blessed for our inspiring, home office retreat where both my husband and I can focus on each of our endeavors with ease.  I am so grateful for the weekly assistance I have that help keep both our indoor and outdoor spaces well maintained so everyone may enjoy the beauty and harmony of our home.

I am so grateful for my trips.  I love our family getaways to our beachside vacation home in South Lake Tahoe where memories from building sandcastles to snowmen are made.  I cherish our annual alone time trip with my husband where we are able to create loving, new experiences together and fully enjoy each other’s company without distraction.  I adore my solo vacations where I travel to new places and learn how to cook local cuisine. It is a treasure to bring back that knowledge to share with friends and family. I adore travelling to spiritually energized locations where I can feel the treasure of universal love. I love the excitement of our family trips abroad which are full of amazement as we immerse ourselves in different cultures. The world is such an amazing place.

My life is truly blessed.

For every blessing, I am eternally grateful.

Joy and love to all.

Thank you so much.



Vision Story Example.

Vision Story Cover Page Example. You can remove the title and use it for printing your story on like I did.

Mastermind Classes: Manifesting Your Life With Others


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A couple of years ago I manifested a connection to a wonderful lady named Tamara. I found out about her through her friend on the advice to see her for a massage. I went in for a massage and the meeting changed the course of my life. When the student is ready the teacher appears as they say.  While enjoying my massage, I discovered she offered something called a mastermind class. I took her class. The connections I made from this class facilitated a big change in my life. I am eternally grateful for her presence.

The mastermind class itself is very fascinating. The concept is you work in a group with three to five other people. You each reveal the life you wish to manifest to each other. You can include any aspects of your life you wish to change such as career, health, relationships, abundance, etc. Each week it is one person’s turn to receive emails or phone calls from every one in the class every day telling you how wonderful it is for you to be living your beautifully created life. You phrase these exchanges as if these events and situations already occurred in the person’s life. For example, I’ve always had a feeling I would win the lottery since I was very young. It’s a knowing I can’t explain. I wrote up a document like a vision board but in written form describing how wonderful I felt to be living this life. A key ingredient Tamara emphasizes is gratitude. So my life story included a healthy dose of how grateful I was for all the wonderful things in my life. I’ll share my full vision life document in another post.

In my mastermind class experience, Tamara brought other elements to the class. She discusses and provides exercises for forgiveness, Feng shui, as well as other outside the box ideas. We had a broad group of people sharing many different beliefs from fairly conservative grounded in pure physical reality to others who believed the existence of other forces outside our senses grounded in the world. The group respected everyone’s beliefs. It was a safe place to exchange our ideas of how we see our ideal lives. It was a perfect place to put our intentions of our best life out into the universe.

I learned I had a lot of “stuff” from my past holding me back from manifesting my deepest desires. I didn’t even realize I carried around these barriers. From taking this class I discovered shamanism, which is currently helping me heal these blocks. I still feel myself living my ideal life somewhere in the realm of time and space. I also know it’s about the journey of getting there and learning to enjoy the ride.

If you live in the Bay Area of California and are interested in opening yourself up to the assistance of the universe I’d highly recommend contacting Tamara about the class, or any of her other healing modalities (massage, Reiki, crystal healing, cupping, and more). You can find out more information from the link below and view all her outstanding reviews. If you are interested in massage a good thing to note is that she has a very gentle touch, since she’s also working with your energy. So it’s best to pursue deep tissue work with another masseuse. Her healing work and class is outstanding if you are seeking clearing and inspiration.


Wanting versus Having: How to Manifest What You Want and Why You Don’t Have It Yet


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Have you ever noticed when you are in desperate need of something whether it be a parking space, significant other or the right job it always seems to allude you? You keep searching and searching for some way to make what you want happen and still nada. You can’t figure it out because you believe you are doing all the right things to make it happen. If you are a positive thinker you keep on trying, but alas what you want just isn’t showing up. Have you ever then just given up and figured it was a lost cause? Then after you stopped thinking about it for a while, did what you were searching for magically appear? I don’t know about you, but I’ve been there many, many times.

There is a difference between wanting something and having it. The wanting of something is the desire to fulfill a need. The having it is the acting out the desire. Think about this. After you have something do you want it anymore? No, of course you don’t want something after you already have it because you are already enjoying it. So now after you have something you no longer want it. There is no in between. You either want something or have it. Sure there is the option that once you have something you want more of it, but that is a new desire and not what you already received. Wanting and having a desire cannot occur at the same time. They are different feelings.

The reason why we can never find what we want when we feel such a strong desire for it is because we are too focused on the wanting of it and not on the feeling of having it already. Since wanting and having cannot occur at the same time, the feeling of wanting keeps it away while you are still actively thinking about it. That doesn’t mean that you should be scared of thinking about what you want. Originating the desire is what brings it into your life. So you do have to think about what you want. You want to think about it with positive emotion and visualize how wonderful it will feel when you find it. From that point on it is very beneficial to pretend as though you already have it and feel the enjoyment in the process. This is the way of telling the universe you already have it and don’t need it anymore. By doing this you deactivate the feeling of wanting and activate the feeling of having. When you can think about your desire as it has already happened, you will definitely find that desire fulfilled.

Another approach to deactivating the feeling of wanting something is to forget about it. This is typically how most people bring the things they want into their lives. They try and try for sometime, get frustrated that what they want isn’t happening and proceed to let go of the desire. This is also an effective approach for finally experiencing your desire. You don’t have get frustrated though if you let go of the desire before spending tons of energy trying to make it happen. When you find yourself without what you want it is always the case that you are either not feeling like you have what you want already or have not let it go. You must trust that whatever you do will always bring you to want you want. If you do not trust in the having or if you are nervous about letting it go believing that you must keep trying, you will still be without what you want until you do.

Your feelings about your desire also help determine how long it will take to come into your life. The more pressure you feel to make something happen, the longer it will take for your desire to be fulfilled. If you can be relaxed and not attached to having what you want, you will find it happening much sooner. By not attached I mean genuinely feeling good no matter whether what you want comes into your life and just enjoying your present moment. Also, if you keep thinking to yourself ‘I wonder when it’s going to happen?’ and ‘why is it not here yet?’ then it will not happen until you stop noticing the absence of it. When you stop thinking about the wanting of it, and the absence of what you want, what you want WILL happen.

When you finally let go of something and feel good knowing you already have what you want (even if it hasn’t actually happened yet), you will be inspired to take action. This inspired action will lead you to what you want. It doesn’t have to be a big action either. It could be something as minor as picking up milk, and then proceeding to hear a conversation at the store that inspires you to take further action. Chances are you will be surprised about how you find what you want, and how easy it truly was to ‘make it happen’. Although if while taking the action, you are focused on wondering if what you are doing will take you to what you want, if this is going to be it, etc. then you will miss your opportunity to get what you want. Not to worry though. As soon as you do let your desire go, another idea will take you where you want to be.

Try This – Visualize what it will feel like when something that you what happens. You can try this with something as simple as finding a rock star parking space. See yourself pulling up right in front of where you want to be, feeling excited about getting exactly what you want, then don’t think about, not even as you are getting close to where you are going. Your space will be there. If not, you didn’t let it go.

If your desire is something that might take a bit of time like getting the job, finding a mate or winning the lottery, visualize yourself experiencing what it will be like to live your desire for a few minutes a day. Try not to think about it much longer than that. If you do, chances are you are going to start wondering about the details like when and how it’s going to happen which is not what you want to focus on. So, spend a few minutes thinking about how wonderful it will feel when what you want happens. The better you feel when you visualize, the more that will help you receive what you want.

There is always the option of forgetting about what you want too. If something seems to be taking too long, you feel as though you have thought about it enough, and you feel frustrated, then not thinking about the desire could be a good approach. Chances are you’ll need to monitor your thoughts closely and stop yourself from thinking about it. Sometimes distraction like a new activity can help this too. Do whatever you need to let your desire go.

Happy Having!

Choose Happiness


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“I’ll be happy when I get my dream home.”
“I’ll be happy when I find a better job.”
“I’ll be happy when he…”

Sound familiar? Somewhere along the way we learn to believe that making some change to our environment, circumstances or even relationships will make us feel better. I am referring to changing something outside of ourselves that we believe will make us feel better once we achieve the change. We go about our lives trying to fulfill the strongest desire of the moment hoping that we will finally be happy. Have you ever had these types of goals? How do you feel in that wonderful moment when it came to pass? I bet it felt amazing. How do you feel a month later? A year? Two years? Chances are the novelty of something new and different wore off faster than you expected. Why?

The answer is that happiness comes from within and not from the new car you just bought. True happiness means being able to enjoy the everyday moments in your life despite the small house, old car, and piles of laundry you are sure house laundry monsters that reproduce at an exponential rate. You know what laundry monsters really hate? Smiles and lots of them. They cannot stand being around people in a good mood. Once you are able to smile at them and realize they are just a wonderful part of life that represent the abundance you already possess in having so many clothing options, you immediately dissolve their powers and they disappear. The amazing thing is by smiling and actually enjoying the way things are right now, you reclaim your power to be happy.

We all have the power to be happy. We all too often give that power away to a belief that by rearranging the parts of our life in some way will make us happy. Let us reclaim the power to choose happiness that each one of us has within us in every moment.

Book Club – Manifesting Change: It Couldn’t Be Easier By Mike Dooley


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Mike Dooley’s book Manifesting Change: It Couldn’t Be Easier rocked my world!

Having read a lot on many different ideas on the law of attraction and finding happiness, this one was an AMAZING surprise. It resonated with my heart. I feel it should be given to everyone on the planet who has ever pondered the meaning of life and the quest for happiness. Mike does a fantastic job of explaining the core concepts of life in a concise, practical, and not too woo-woo way.

There’s just enough woo-woo to be able to provide an explanation of life, why we are here, and who we *really* are. It is well paired with practical techniques on how to interpret it all and live a happy, fulfilling life of our own creation. As he says, it couldn’t be easier. He also does a great job sharing his successes that demonstrate exactly what he’s talking about.

As Mike advises, follow your joy now! There would be no greater joy for me than if you enjoy his book as much as I did.

Also, if you are interested in receiving Mike’s daily emails, “Notes From the Universe”, which are inspirational and not religious in nature, I’d recommend signing up. You can find them here.


Childhood Wisdom


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This is a poem I wrote in Grade Four. Our inner child is brilliant and knows important things our adult self forgot. It’s time for us all to reconnect with that inner child. They know who we really are and the things that make us happy.

Try This – Think of one thing you used to love as a child that you would like to experience again in your adult life. Now, take action to bring that experience back in your life. Is there a toy you loved? Chances are they are making a new version of it today, so buy it! I just purchased a Monchhichi at Safeway last week (on sale no less…I love a bargain :)) If not a toy, is there an activity you miss? Find out a place to do it in your area. How about a book? Buy or borrow it then. Is there a food or candy you used to love? Eat it. A place that you loved to visit, the zoo perhaps? Visit it. Seek out whatever reminds you of the happiness you experienced in your youth and relive the joy all over again.

When You Grow Up

When you grow up
Try and be bold.

Trust me young fellow
You’ll never grow old.

If you listen to me
You will never grow old.

You’ll always be active
If you will be bold.

I’m now one hundred
And I didn’t grow old
Because I did listen
and I always was bold.

-Nachogeek in Grade Four

Chinese Proverb on Happiness


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If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap.
If you want happiness for a day, go fishing.
If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune.
If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.

The Power of a Smile


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The inspiration for this poem came from a sincere statement from a store clerk while I shopped. He said, “Thank you for your smile”. It’s so nice to know that just a smile can brighten someone’s day.

Try This – Why don’t you try sharing your smile with someone and see what happens? It is OK for this to feel awkward at first. It seems a lot of us are quite comfortable avoiding eye contact with those around us. This makes the idea of even offering a smile to a stranger seem intimidating. Remember anything new is going to feel different and unnatural at first. If you truly have the intention though of wanting to share something wonderful with someone else though, it will become much easier with practice. You have to start somewhere.

The Power of a Smile

When days are dark and gloomy,
The world can feel so cold.
It only takes a moment though to make it toasty warm.

When you go throughout your day,
There’s a simple thing you can do,
To let the world know you are ready,
For the best in you.

It’s such an easy thing.
People should do it more.
The price is even right, it’s free!
Let’s do it more and more.

Just take a moment in your day,
And realize that you can,
Open up the hearts of others,
With this easy plan.

Try to think of something,
That really makes you smile.
Then open up, and let it out.
Share it for a while.

Share your smile with those around you,
Even in passing cars.
By smiling you might make someone’s day,
At the very least, it will brighten yours.

It might seem strange when you try at first,
But as they always say,
If at first you don’t succeed,
Try again anyway.

When you start to notice,
People smiling back,
It will make your heart feel warm and fuzzy and even go pitter pat.

Smiles are for sharing.
There’s so much that a smile can do.
It sends some love from me, magically to you.

We should all smile more and more.
For when we do you see,
All our days will shine so bright, we will feel truly happy.


Set your intention. Feel Awesome!


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“When you envision your future, your present transforms” – Nachogeek

For the first time today for as long as I can remember, I was excited to get out of bed. I could not wait to do something with this site. It’s a feeling I have been craving for a long time. Passion. I set my mind on living a life I love, and things are falling into place. When I decided to get this site started last night, with help from my awesome hubby, it was as though there was some force inside me making sure I followed through. It was amazing to awaken to the feeling of excitement, and eagerness. I cannot wait for more!